Google commemorates fifteen years of Street View with a new camera

Street View has been around for 15 years on the market today. To commemorate, Google has added a method to browse the past Street View images on mobile. This feature has been in use on desktops since 2014 but has just made its debut for iOS and Android.

When available, you’ll be able to access If it’s available, you’ll get a “See mode dates” toggle which will show all data available Street View data of a specific location.

Google has announced a massive overhaul to gather Street View data for Google Maps using a brand new camera. Below, you can see a brand new, modular device that weighs less than 15 pounds, and Google declares it to be no larger than a cat in a home. As it’s modular, it’ll be able to accept attachments, such as lidar scanners, when required and then remove them when they are not needed.

The new camera is placed on any vehicle equipped with a roof rack. The use of a smartphone can also control it. In the past, Street View cameras from Google Street View cameras required a particular type of mount for cars and specialized processing equipment to operate.

The new camera (which ought to have an official name, take a look) will enable Google to extend Street View to previously unmapped areas like the Amazon jungle. Amazon jungle.

Google has announced that its new camera will be working with playful Google colors beginning next year.

In the end, Street View Studio will allow users to upload 360 image series to Google Maps quickly and in huge quantities.


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