Nvidia Suspends RTX 4080 12GB Launch

The latest news in the RTX 4080 graphics card world is that Nvidia has suspended the launch of its twelve-gigabyte model. This is a surprise, but Nvidia has also admitted that the two 4080-series GPUs are confusing. As it turns out, the 12GB version has a different chip design than the 16GB version, fewer CUDA cores, and a more limited memory interface. But otherwise, the 16GB card is the same. As such, the pricing of the twelve-gigabyte version has not changed from the previous launch, which was $899. It was, however, considerably more expensive than its RTX 30-series counterparts.

Nvidia cancels RTX 4080 12GB launch

Nvidia has canceled the launch of the 12GB version of its RTX 4080 graphics card. While the reason for the cancellation is unclear, Nvidia wants to push customers to buy the higher-end 16GB version instead. The 12GB version of the card was less potent than its higher-end counterpart and cost less than a thousand dollars. While this is disappointing news for those excited to try out this card, Nvidia may rebrand it as a 4070, a cheaper version of the RTX 4080.

The announcement is confusing, though. The 16GB version of the RTX 4080 was still due for release on Nov. 16. The company has also yet to announce what will happen to the other models. The 16GB version will be available on November 16. It’s unclear if the 12GB version will be canceled or delayed.

Previously, many gamers thought the RTX 4080 12GB would be a rebranded RTX 4070; a GPU meant to raise GPU prices. Instead, Nvidia decided to pull the cheaper model and focus on the upcoming 16GB RTX 4080. Although the price difference isn’t huge, the 12-GB model still carries impressive performance numbers.

It is unclear if the new RTX 4080 will launch on Nov. 18. However, the 12GB model still stands out as a solid video card.

RTX 4080 16GB model is faster

Nvidia is canceling its 12GB RTX 4080 launch because its 16GB counterpart is faster and cheaper. The company wants more customers to buy its expensive cards, and the 12GB model was slow compared to its shorter cousin. The 12GB model will now be rebranded as the 4070, which is still more affordable than the 16GB version.

The 16GB RTX 4080 is still scheduled to launch on November 16 and will cost $1,199 for NVIDIA’s Founders Edition. However, it will be delayed until November 2019 for the 12GB model. The 12GB model was initially supposed to be available at $899, but it could still increase if third-party manufacturers make it cheaper.

The 12GB RTX 4080 is still a solid video card. However, its name is a bit confusing, and NVIDIA wants to avoid confusion by introducing two models with the same name. In addition, it doesn’t want consumers to purchase two cards with the same name.

While both cards are great for gaming, Nvidia is letting the 16GB model take the limelight by suspending the launch of the 12GB model. The new card will have more than twice the speed of the 12GB model.

Performance of RTX 4080 12GB

NVIDIA recently released benchmarks of the RTX 4080 series. The tests focus on 4K performance and show how the new card compares to previous generation cards. Unlike its 3090 counterparts, the 4080 uses a different die than its predecessor, RTX 3080. The more recent 4080 GPUs are built on, the smaller AD103 and AD104 dies. They also feature a different set of specifications. For example, the new 12GB variant has fewer CUDA cores and a narrower 192-bit memory bus.

While it is possible to compare the performance of the two GPUs, the RTX 4080 12GB’s performance is less impressive than the RTX 4080 16GB. The 16GB model has higher memory and clock speeds than the 12GB model. The additional memory will impact performance.

The RTX 4080 12GB was one of the best gaming graphics cards, but it is not quite as powerful as the 16GB variant. As a result, NVIDIA has decided to unrelease the 12GB version of the GeForce RTX 4080. This decision was made after a lot of criticism from the gaming community. However, the 16GB version will still launch on Nov. 16.

The RTX 4080 16GB card will be launched on Nov. 16, priced at $1,199. As for the 12GB version, Nvidia has dropped the two-series name and is re-launching the card under a new name. The new RTX 4080 12GB will also undergo a makeover.

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