Xiaomi 13, as well as 13 Pro, could be available earlier than originally planned

This is very speculative. However, it is an intriguing one, however. Xiaomi dredged four IMEIs in a Chinese database and assigned 4 model numbers. It’s believed that the model numbers are for the Chinese and global versions that are part of The Xiaomi 13 Pro and 13 Pro.


Xiaomi 13, as well as 13 Pro, may arrive earlier than anticipated
The model numbers involved are 221113C and 2210132C. They are specifically meant for the Chinese market, while their global counterparts are 2211133G and 2102G, and 2210132G, hence the”G” at the end “G”.

Xiaomi has already begun developing its Xiaomi 13 series, even while Xiaomi 12 Ultra isn’t made available. That’s why Xiaomi believes that the next generation of Xiaomi smartphones will be released earlier than expected, in November. The specific release date for Xiaomi’s most popular numeric series in December. The company strives to be among the first to get the most recent and innovative Qualcomm Snapdragon Gen 2 chip technology. Qualcomm. This implies that Qualcomm might also seek an earlier launch of the Snapdragon Gen 2 chip.

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