Alternative ways to keep your colon healthy

Alternative Ways to Keep Your Colon Healthy

As you explore the world of alternative and herbal health care?

You’ll find yourself frequently coming across remedies which involve colon cleansing and support because the colon plays a critical role in the everyday operation of your body. When many problems occur in the body, they can often be traced back to issues in the colon itself.

Something many people don’t seem to realise is that many diseases and chronic conditions are a result of other problems. Too often, when someone is sick, they try to treat the symptoms of that sickness instead of trying to resolve, whatever underlying causes are creating the problem.

When you have a fever, for example, you won’t usually fix that problem by putting an ice pack on your head, right? Instead, there is something else wrong inside your body that’s causing the increased temperature. Time has taught us that usually there is some kind of bacteria or infection inside the body. And it has elevated its temperature to try and burn those germs out.

And the same applies to many other illnesses. What happens as a result of the disease is not usually the actual cause of the disease. So treating those symptoms will do little to solve the problems.

Now, the colon is a significant organ in our body. It averages about six feet long, and its primary function is to carry out toxins and wastes. The liver filters those toxins and bacteria, then sends them to the colon for disposal. The colon proceeds to move everything along its entire length, eventually expelling that waste out the rectum.

If the colon is not healthy; however, or it blocked by dry, old waste build-up, the waste can sit around for far too long. And over time, that stagnated waste will often start leaking toxins through the thin colon walls, back into our bloodstream. And this causes the rest of the body to have significant problems because these leaking wastes are effectively poisoning them.

Now the best way to keep your colon healthy is to drink plenty of water and make sure you get enough fibre in your daily diet. The water will keep the stools soft and comfortable to move through the colon completely. And the texture provides the bulk our colon needs to help move everything through efficiently too.

When health issues and sicknesses are severe enough, the fastest way to start healing is to do an enema. And this flushes a lot of the old dry build-up from the colon quickly, which allows your body to start dumping the extra toxins faster. Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of doing an enema, however, and that’s ok too. Several herbs work wonderfully for helping the colon start getting rid of built-up wastes and toxins. Using the herbs can take a little longer than an enema treatment will, but they will work.

Cascara Sagrada is a herbal laxative, for instance, that can help cleanse the colon. This herb also stimulates the bile production of the liver, which helps to speed up the removal of toxins from the body. Garlic is a herb that kills and expels parasites, which is often needed when a colon cleanse is required.

Colon cleansing is a topic you will come across frequently when researching alternative remedies for various ailments, so we’ll cover it in more detail with future articles.

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