Retsuko is the title of the manga and anime series Aggretsuko. She is a 25-year-old metalhead office worker who is often seen crying or laughing maniacally. However, when her boss gets drunk, she loses her mental filter and becomes violent. Fortunately, she’s a great singer and is a great role model for female protagonists.

How do you pronounce Retsuko?
The name Retsuko is rare and not a very popular one. There are less than five people born every year with the first name Retsuko. The name sounds more like Okuster when pronounced backward. Retsuko is also a homonym – it’s spelled re-tsu-koo. Other names for this character include Soektru, Retsuko, and Okuster.

Retsuko is the protagonist of the anime’s fourth season, which premieres on March 22. She is a red panda who works in the accounting department of a Japanese trading company. She suffers from social anxiety, has unrealistic dreams, and is constantly badmouthing the company’s CEO, Ton. Despite her prickly personality, Retsuko has a good heart.

Retsuko’s first name is pronounced ‘Okuster’. Retsuko’s first name sounds like “Kyuuko” and is a common female name. The female form of the name Retsuko is more feminine. If you’re unsure of how to pronounce it, here are some guidelines: You should also remember that Retsuko is a unique name, so make sure you say it correctly!

Retsuko is a unique first name, and there are less than 5 people with this name every year since the 1800s. It’s hard to believe that Retsuko is such a rare name, but it’s still unique in its own way. In Japanese, Retsuko means aggressive and indomitable. If you’re a man, you probably wouldn’t call your girl Retsuko.

Retsuko is a unique first name, and there are fewer than five people with the same name in the world every year. It is spelled as Okuster when pronounced backward. The name Soektru was used by a person with this name in the 1600s. Its reverse pronunciation is ‘Retsuko’. The name can be pronounced in any language, but Retsuko is a unique and beautiful name.

Retsuko is an anthropomorphic panda who is a 25-year-old accountant at a Japanese trading firm. She faces the usual challenges and frustrations of her job, including her lack of confidence. She vents about work, her social life, and her romantic life to those who can understand her. It’s very important to understand the name of a person with this name and learn how to pronounce it.

Retsuko’s last name is ‘Okuster’. It means “ouster”. In other words, “retsumo”. Retsuko is a very rare name. Fewer than five people have the same first name since 1880. Retsuko is a ‘dream boy’, meaning that she has a dream that makes her happy.

Retsuko is a rare name. It is unique, as only about five people have been born with the first name since 1880. The name is spelled backward as okuster, which means ‘asktru’. The name Retsuko is a Japanese version of’reee’, which means’ree-ko.’

Retsuko is a female name. The first letter of the name is “ret-su-ka.” It is pronounced like’ree-ka-ka-suk-ka’. It is a common name among women. It is spelled differently for men and women. In Japan, Retsuko is spelled as ‘ooster’.

In Japan, it is’re-ka’. The name is pronounced like’re-ko-ko’ in English. It is a female word that sounds like’re-su-koo’ in English. In the same way, Retsuko has a male name. In the United States, Retsuko is a woman’s first name. It is a girl’s last name.

How do you pronounce Retsuko? Retsuko is a female anime character from Japan. Its name means “ret-sky” in English. The character is an animated character with the same name as a female persona. Unlike the manga, the anime version has a male protagonist. The male main character is a hero. Her voice can only be heard from the front.

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